PyGi Hackfest Day 4 – A ‘call back’ to the past

This morning on Day 4 of the Gnome/Python hackfest we had several major milestones. Among them includes

  • The PyGi test suite runs with only two out of 200 failures under Python 3
  • Callback support (including scoping and primitive argument/error support) landed in PyGi master
  • Working vfunc support, to be pushed soon
  • Working nullable argument support, to be pushed soon
  • We officially decided that PyGi is not to be pronounced as piggy, but instead to be sounded out as Pie-Gee-Aiiy (Py, G. I.).
  • PyGi will have a release this weekend numbered 0.5. We will use the even/odd numberings to indicate stable and unstable releases. The number 0.5 was chosen to show that we believe that PyGi is in a usable “Beta”-ish state (as opposed to a 0.1 which represents Alpha quality). We want to encourage people to use PyGi and help us find problems. We believe many will have a lot of success testing PyGi, however we know there is more work to be done.
  • PyGi 0.5 will depend on the to-be-released (this weekend) GObject Introspection 0.6.10
  • Inclusion of myself (Zach Goldberg) as an official maintainer of PyGi

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