The Startup CTO’s Handbook

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In June 2022 I started writing an outline for a book whose aim is to broadly cover all topics relevant to technical leadership in a tech startup environment. I was inspired by Matt Mochary’s “The Great CEO Within” which read to me like the ultimate guidebook for CEOs. My aim is to do for the CTO what Mochary did for the CEO.

I don’t mean a book covering enterprise design patterns, or how to write clean Javascript. There are plenty of excellent resources on how to do the technology part of a tech leader’s role. I was craving a resource for the leader part of “tech leader.”

And for over a year I was writing, soliciting topic areas from friends, peers, social media, that would be useful in a tech leaders handbook. 15 months later, and with many thanks to the wonderful people at my publisher WorldChangers Media, the book was published!

My goal is that the handbook is a useful tool that grows over time and improves organically, with community feedback and criticism. To that end, the book is NOT copyrighted, it is licensed as CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 – Which essentially means you’re free to make copies of the book, and even make changes, as long as you keep my name attached and don’t try and resell your work. As a result, I’m keeping a public link to the content up for free on GitHub – I very much appreciate and look forward to your pull requests/issues!