Gnome/Python Hackfest 2010 – Day 2, or: How to actually coordinate packages.

So it’s day two of the PyGI hackfest.  You can find some good coverage of Day 1 at Colin Walter’s Blog and John (J5) Palmieri’s Blog. The first few hours of day two include:

  • Made the decision that PyGI will depend on the GObject-Introspection 0.6.10 (to be released). This is because PyGI needs some new testing modules exported by GI as well as newer (faster!) APIs.
  • Maemo will originally get GI 0.6.7 and later be bumped to 0.6.10.
  • PyGI Callbacks patches all merged and are going through make check and patch review now
  • David Malcom got PyGI to compile and (mostly) link to Python 3.0
  • Tomeu got his hard drive to work
  • Colin Walters has been slacking
  • J5 has been compiling code all morning
  • We lack music. 🙁

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