Android Part 5

Wow what a roller coaster thus far. I can spend an hour trying to get things to show in a list, when all I needed to do was call list.setAdapter(null) (I am programmatically adding elements so I don’t need an adapter). Apparently lists MUST have that called or else they display nothing. So I got things to show in a list (possible connections), when you select a connection it marshalls the appropriate data to the service and connects to aim. Everything is going smoothly (read: slowly) but thus far everything i’ve wanted to do, even if it took forever, was eventually achievable.

I’m going to try and work on reverse IPC (service -> activity) tonight. If I can get just one message through and update the UI i’ll call it a night. Thus far good progress. I’ve been committing too if you’de like to checkout whats going on. I’ve been trying to keep it fairly neat as of tonight. It’s still very sandbox looking (as in im playing with ideas of how to do things in some places) and not yet well commented but, all good things in time.

Update: Yep, I got some reverse communication working via intents. The interface now says “Connected” if we connected successfully! 🙂

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