Android Part 4

So last night ended in a bit of a disappointment with the blowing up the heap nonesense. So first thing this morning is to try and find a way around that: simple enough I won’t call that function in, find a way around it. That took all of 3 minutes and I have a working work-around.

Then I realize that the android AIDL functionality only allows the activity to talk to the service and not the other way around. So I ask on IRC which lets me know I need to go the other way around using intents. GR! They like being difficult.

Alright fine, all thats sorted out: now to sign on to aim via android. …. IOException! Yay. So something that works outside android doesn’t work inside, alright lets find out why. Turns out somethingy is going a bit wacky with a .skip() on a filterInputStream. Alright, so after messing with protocol level code (not my specialty, who wants to mess with that stuff?) for 45 minutes or so I work around the bug. Only problem is now the client spams error 983 at me. I’m thinking gyah what the heck is wrong now, error 983… error 983.

So I google it. Error 983: You’ve made too many attempts to signing on … Yay! So in my debugging I pissed off the aim servers, oh well. I guess thats one way to determine when a good time to take a break is! Mostly success this morning, good.

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