Android Part 2

So, JAIM was a failure because even though the code was neat (very, neat) it ultimatly failed to do what it needed to do: act as a stable functonal aim library.

JOscar may work, but i’ll never know because its horribly coded, and getting it to work is horrendously ugly and non-neat. So thats out the window.

Now, I’m trying AIMBot which is… perfect. The code is perfect (the requesting class implements AIMListener which is a function which handles lots of events like.. OnMessageRecieved etc.) which is extremly neat, and to boot: it worked first try! I’m sending aim messages to my java program from Pidgin. Sweet! Although I have to run out for now (visiting my brother) so moving this into Android will wait for tonight/tomorrow. Good news though!

Update: incase anybodys interested, heres a link to a read-only svn version of what I’m doing:

svn co svn://

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