Android Part 1

I’ve decided to build an AIM Client. I’m going to use this blog (as opposed to creating a sub-blog, which I could) for my preliminary blog posts on the subject. If it gets hairy i’ll split it into a project blog (similar to

So, i’ve done a lot of reading, played with the demo and exercise labs google provided and I understand a bunch of how android works now. So, first things first: the hard part. Building a nice UI is trivial and will just take time. Actually managing the network threads and sockets and protocols will be the tough part.

I’ve decided to use Jaimlib for now as my AIM library. At the moment within the emulator I get timeouts when attempting to login. So I added a main method and im trying to run it as just a normal console app. Guess what, more timeouts! Time to break out the packet sniffer and see whats actually getting sent/recieved.

K seems that somethings screwy with the packets (compared to pidgin) and even when using the bundled test app it hangs and gets a time-out error. So, on to the next library (theres a lot more than one). Going to Joscar this time, will again try testing in its own small app before throwing into android. *fingers crossed*

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