One cool Operating System

So i’ve a newfound respect for Symbian S60 as of today.

The other day I got a new N95-3. Why? Because I’m obsessed with my cell phone, that aside this thing is amazing. If I felt my readers (I count maybe 1 or 2) would benefit from a full review I’de post one but meh. Summary: 3G is 2 orders of magnitude better than edge and makes the overall experience vastly better, bigger battery is nice and holy cow 80 megs of RAM?

I was able to open 30, count ’em THIRTY applications before even getting close to low on ram. The kicker? Switching to any one of them and it was still running at full speed.

My suspicion? Symbian sends some sort of SIG_PAUSE to the processes when you switch, so its not completly fair to say it was managing 30 applications at once, but it certainly was doing so in memory. Some applications as well were definetly still processing (notably the browser. If i told it to go to some large website then went off to some application, and came back the page was fully downloaded and rendered).

Other cool observations? Its really hard to get this CPU to hit 100%. During java apps its in the teens, most games also don’t really peak past 40%. Something that did hit 100%? Opening that pesky multimedia menu.

After closing all 30 apps (which took a while) Device was still perfectly responsive, and free memory back up in the mid 70s. Try doing that on windows.

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