The real deal on Linux Gaming

So, in light of the fact that I got both Psychonauts and Oblivion to work well under wine I feel like I should add a bit more to the below post.

So, previously I suggested that the ideal would be to have windows virtualized and accelerated under linux. The question becomes can wine, the ‘proper’ solution (implementing windows on linux) keep up with the ever changing windows and windows gaming worlds? Apparently they’re doing pretty well, with Oblivion working 99.99% (oblivion also being one of the most recent and high power games).

So, given the choice between a perfect wine and virtualized windows obviously wine would win. The question is how frequently will we be faced with a scenario where we actually have an application working perfectly with wine vs. how much of a pain is it to buy/virtualize windows.

For now, i’m happy 🙂

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