Turning watts into pixels

Daily Tech Article on the R600

ATI’s R600 Specs are finalized finally. About 5 months after nvidia’s new DX10 GPU ATI’s X2900XTX will be released march 30th. 512Bit GDDR3/4 Memory, 1 GB of it, almost 10 in. long, native HDMI, No final clocks

OK news release aside, god damn. What a beast. A shot of the card was floating around the net some weeks ago – the card looks like something out of star wars.

So, I’m curious as to when they’ll get the hint. A 300W pixel pump isn’t what I meant when I told the guy at best buy I wanted a new graphics card. Holy hell, almost 800M Transistors in the thing. Anybody else see a problem with continuing in this direction? The X3900XTX will require its own tower to cool, at a beastly 700W. I mean come on, NVIDIA’s 8000 series can run cool enough to put two chips on 1 card (the 8050). Can you imagine 2x 300W chips on one card? Goodness.

Steve Jobs on stuff that matters

Steve jobs is the man
Gizmodo looks to be onto something with this article

Daily Gizmodo Link of Awesomeness

Have to say, hes doing alot of good for the typical computer user of late. What with proclaiming DRM with the BS it really is, and now taking a good dollar out of the pockets of the deviant cell carriers. Sweet day.

In other news The N95 has finally shown up on mobiledia.