Turning watts into pixels

Daily Tech Article on the R600

ATI’s R600 Specs are finalized finally. About 5 months after nvidia’s new DX10 GPU ATI’s X2900XTX will be released march 30th. 512Bit GDDR3/4 Memory, 1 GB of it, almost 10 in. long, native HDMI, No final clocks

OK news release aside, god damn. What a beast. A shot of the card was floating around the net some weeks ago – the card looks like something out of star wars.

So, I’m curious as to when they’ll get the hint. A 300W pixel pump isn’t what I meant when I told the guy at best buy I wanted a new graphics card. Holy hell, almost 800M Transistors in the thing. Anybody else see a problem with continuing in this direction? The X3900XTX will require its own tower to cool, at a beastly 700W. I mean come on, NVIDIA’s 8000 series can run cool enough to put two chips on 1 card (the 8050). Can you imagine 2x 300W chips on one card? Goodness.

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