Hildon-ized Zhaan

You know how sometimes you just get really excited about a project and put a hold on the rest of life until you get to some point that makes you happy?

Well, once I got Zhaan to run in any shape whatsoever inside scratchbox with the Maemo 5 SDK I had one of those days. I spent a good chunk of my day today hildon-izing Zhaan and the results are really cool. Anderson Lizardo is currently working on making everything work under the ARM target and he intends to post finished .debs within the next day or two. Once those are in extras-devel anybody will be able to run Zhaan on their N900 πŸ™‚

Some screenshots of the fruit of today’s labor:

Zhaan working in scratchbox!

Step 1 to porting all of my work thus far to the Maemo platform itself is now complete with a (rough) proof of concept: Zhaan working in scratchbox.

Other than some really bad logistical (placement of files, prefix nonsense etc.) hacks I did not have to actually hack at any code at all to take what was working inside jhbuild to work in scratchbox. Sweet.

Victory for tonight.

Python GUPnP as a Working control point


In my last post I wrote about some success sending actions via python + GUPnP. Its been less than a week since then and I can now report that nearly everything needed for a control point works in Python + GUPnP… I know this because in the time it took my to take a bus from Philadelphia to NYC I wrote one :). It uses the following UPnP Features:

1) Downloading Icons from other devices
2) ASync sending actions
3) Async retrieving data from actions
4) Parsing DIDL’s and DIDLItem, DIDLContainer and DIDLResource objects using GUPnP-AV
and more..

I unfortunately am about to run out, but I’ll tease you with this (conveniently… *wink wink*) 800×480 screenshot.