Python GUPnP as a Working control point


In my last post I wrote about some success sending actions via python + GUPnP. Its been less than a week since then and I can now report that nearly everything needed for a control point works in Python + GUPnP… I know this because in the time it took my to take a bus from Philadelphia to NYC I wrote one :). It uses the following UPnP Features:

1) Downloading Icons from other devices
2) ASync sending actions
3) Async retrieving data from actions
4) Parsing DIDL’s and DIDLItem, DIDLContainer and DIDLResource objects using GUPnP-AV
and more..

I unfortunately am about to run out, but I’ll tease you with this (conveniently… *wink wink*) 800×480 screenshot.

One thought on “Python GUPnP as a Working control point”

  1. Most of what I’ve seen with UPNP is creating media-servers – did you get streaming a computer file directly to a DLNA receiver working?

    It looks like a cool project, did you ever get it on Github or Bitbucket?

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