What are you doing, Boxee Box?

<rant>Its been almost a year since I started using my Boxee Box. Here are the new features I have noticed

  • Spotify Support
  • Grooveshark Support
  • Netflix Support

Things they made WORSE

  • Pandora — used to have an awesome visualizer and play for hours, now has a terrible visualizer and the darn thing freezes up after an hour or so due to (presumably) some kind of memory leak
  • The YouTube app inexplicably stopped working last week.

Things that are STILL broken

  • UPnP Support — Trying to find other UPnP devices simply does not work.
  • Random crashes — At random times it’ll reboot the UI or even the whole machine.
  • SDCard reading doesn’t work.  Insert an SD card into the boxee box, it says “SD Card inserted” but never shows up for me to browse as the documentation says it should.

Things they for there-must-be-some-reason but is INEXCUSABLE to have not done yet

  • Amazon Video on Demand!  Rokus had this for eons!
  • Better social integrations and sharing.  Why can’t I share immediately what im watching or listening to with somebody else?  I want to connect with other couch potatos using boxee and interact with them!  Maybe a chat app?  Video camera integration?
  • UI Speed and Polish — I shouldn’t be waiting 10 seconds everytime I start an app!  It also takes an INCREDIBLE number of button presses and clicks to get anything done.  From bootup to pandora playing I have to push at minimum 6 buttons.  That’s simply a user experience nightmare.
Overall though I don’t hate the Boxee Box.  It’s Pretty Good.  That said, they’ve had a year to go from Pretty Good to Excellent and have completely let me down in that respect.  </rant>

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