The People Bug Tracker:

I mentioned a few posts back that would come around, and after a lot of procrastination it is finally here!

First things first — a couple thank yous and relavent links are in order:

  • dreamhost, for making the one-click-install so utterly painless
  • edgewall for providing trac as open and free software
  • The guy at 119labs for writing this blog post which detailed very nicely how to install the trac openid plugins inside a dreamhost one-click-install.  This is actually non-trivial because without dreamhost PS you do not get root or the ability to add eggs to the system, so you need to setup your own local python virtualenv to build the needed eggs.  There is also some config kung-fu that needs to be done to make the SQL schemas happy.

So, what is this bug tracker about?  We’re not concerned about software here, this is a “Bug Tracker for People.”  Did your roomate forget to buy milk when he finished the last carton?  Spouse always leaving the toilet seat up?  Not cleaning up the sink?  These are common everyday problems that we nag each other about and can actually lead to real frustration and interpersonal drama.  Finally there is an avenue to enable documented discussion about these issues and come to civil and mutually beneficial conclusions.

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