HELP! My Girlfriend Learned How To Use A Bug Tracker

I never thought it would happen.

My girlfriend figured something out about the Internet.

In the real world I have to pretend to be normal and communicate with people.  I usually can take solice in the internet, those hallowed sacred grounds only a real hacker understands.  I can go there and know that unless I venture to the kingdom of far far away land (facebook, myspace etc.) I can be safe from the heathens.

As of today the hord has made their move on alliance territory.  The Penguin home base is no longer safe from the dreaded… girlfriend.

It all started one night when I got home very late from work (where I get to play with Linux all day… who would ever go home?).  I got the usual “you need to pay more attention to me” and “Linux will never have sex with you!”.  I sat through it all and when it was over she went to sleep and I…. opened up my Laptop (running Ubuntu Linux, of course) and started hacking.  All is right with the world.

So this story and ones like it have been happening on and off for a while.  This morning I show up at work and somebody sends me a link to the gnome bugzilla.  I’m thinking to myself… the guys at work arn’t Gnome hackers… what could this….. oh…. sh**.

I then find out the bug made it to LWN Quote of the Week (next to Richard Stallman) and Hacker News which made it to which made it to slashdot.  I never imagined my entry into the “slashdot number of zero” (think Erdos or Kevin Bacon) club would happen in this way.

This adventure is not without its benefits, however.  Many of the comments on the bug recommend that she actually try and take part in the hobby — see the light and willingly embrace the Linux love.  Maybe that’s the solution to all my troubles!

Here is to the newfound communication in our relationship via bugtrackers.  I’m going to open a personal bugtracker — where we will continue to file bug reports on one another.  If you want your own component in the bugtracker to help you and your loved one vent your problems all you need to do is ask!

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  1. You can build a bug tracker system for her, and she could post issues for you, let you know what you should do.
    How about this advice?

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