Zhaan works on the N900!

It has been a long time coming but finally I’ve gotten Zhaan to work on the Nokia N900, a Maemo 5 device!  Today Anderson and Willer at PyMaemo handed me a whole bunch of armel package dependencies for Zhaan.  I combined them with some secret sauce (i.e. some extra projects, including updated GUPnP and GUPnPAV and their GIR/Typelib files), deployed it all to my development N900 and voila, we have a working Zhaan :).

If you wish to get this running yourself the only way right now is to do this manually.  There are still a whole bunch of packaging road blocks before this can make it to extras-devel.  Instructions to do it by hand:

WARNING: FOR ADVANCED USERS ONLY FOR NOW!  Following these instructions could potentially break some features of your device as it does override your built in gupnp, gupnp-av and pygobject libraries.  This will be made safe by the time it makes it to extras-devel.

Download http://www.zachgoldberg.com/data/ZhaanN900.tgz to your device and extract it.

Install all of the non-doc, non-dbg and non-dev “.deb files”.  e.g. “dpkg -i *.deb”.  (Note that the python-gobject-pygi may have a conflict and you may have to do dpkg -i –force-conflicts python-gobject-pygi…..).  Once all the debs are installed (I believe its 14 .deb files) copy the .gir files to /opt/pygi/share/gir-1.0/ and the .typelb files to /opt/pygi/lib/girepository-1.0/.

Finally download Zhaan from git (git://github.com/ZachGoldberg/Zhaan.git) and then use the following command to run zhaan:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/pygi:/opt/pygi/lib PYTHONPATH=/opt/pygi/lib/python2.5/site-packages/gtk-2.0/ python2.5 zhaan.py

And finally, the obligatory screen shots.  (You can tell this is a real device because its charging and the battery guage is moving in the various screenshots, as well as the sim card icon).


2 thoughts on “Zhaan works on the N900!”

  1. hi,
    maybe my question will be trivial, but i am new to this MPD thing..
    how can I control music player on vista with N900 via WLAN?
    i have installed zhaan control point on my mobile, do I need now to install a specific player on my PC? will it work with vista?

    thanks for answering

    1. Zhaan may be able to control Windows Media Player… but I haven’t tested it and have no real interest in supporting Windows platforms. The code is all open source though, so if anybody wants to do that compatibility testing and contribute patches they’re more than welcome to!

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