Installing Zhaan

I have had several people contact me lately asking if they can run Zhaan.  Unfortunatly there is a fairly significant amount of setup required to get Zhaan to run properly.  This includes some code for gupnp, gupnp-av and pygi which is not yet upstream.  I believe the gupnp and gupnp-av stuff is actually being merged today/tomorrow and the pygi stuff will be merged within a week or two.

To make it easier for other people to test with I have made a bunch of .deb’s (well, Anderson Lizardo and WIller @ OpenBossa/PyMaemo did 99% of the work on the debs, I just put all the right ones in a the tarball) and an installer script which installs all the needed dependencies as well as installing gupnp and gupnp-av from source.  Once the code for those makes it into an upstream release I’ll replace those source install steps with proper deb installs.

Alright, enough babel, on with the install instructions:

  1. Install the Maemo 5 SDK (forum nokia provides a nice GUI installer).  This will take 10-15 minutes.
  2. Run the Maemo 5 SDK link which was placed on your desktop (or which should be in you path)
  3. Open scratchbox and run the following commands:
    tar -xzf Zhaan.tgz
    cd ZhaanInstall
    ./  # This step will spit out a ton of stuff and take about 5 minutes
    cd Zhaan
  4. Voila!  Zhaan should be running in your Maemo 5 window.  Note that because of a yet-to-be identified bug in (GUPnP?  Scratchbox?) Zhaan cannot auto-detect your network interfaces within scratchbox.  (Outside of scratchbox this feature works very well and is a feature of GUPnP).  You may have to edit line 105 of in the Zhaan folder and replace “eth0” with your network interface.

Please do let me know if you have any issues, or success, with Zhaan.   Patches are welcome 🙂

Note: does some pretty ‘unkosher’ things.  This is because several of Zhaan’s dependencies are not yet packaged 100% properly and are still a work in progress.  I will push a new Zhaan.tgz (or even better, eventually just a ppa or even a big apt-get line) as the packaging situation improves.

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