Zhaan Controller

I had some pretty serious issues with my scratchbox environment but thanks to the PR1.2 SDK my life is much easier and things are working again.  Since things are working Zhaan has been making some lovely progress.  In particular I have now implemented a complete control panel in Zhaan.   I have also implemented the needed functions in MPD-UPnP to support this kind of controlling and the result, as you can see below, is effectively a full GUI frontend for MPD over UPnP.  What’s even better is that this same application can control *ANY* UPnP Renderer 🙂

I’ve been in good communication lately with Anderson Lizardo and the crew at PyMaemo and, with any luck, all of this will be available on the N900 via extras devel very very soon!

Zhaan Controller

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  1. Hi mate, I am really interested in the status of your application. I am an N900 user and also have mpd as the backbone of my music setup. I was googling round for how one can run mpd on the n900 when google brought me to your blog. I have a some question for you and would appreciate if you could respond to me about them.

    1> I think I have a general idea of what this project is all about but I would like some explanation as to the setup. The mpd-upnp side of the project, is that a libray that is to be installed on a remote mpd server (say on my laptop) hence the mpd-upnp would abstract my mpd database and library and expose it via upnp protocol which can then be viewed from the zhaan controller (installed on the N900) this is how I understand the setup to be. Please let me know if I am right and correct me where I might be wrong.

    2> how can I get to building the mpd-upnp package for my system. is this a regular package already in most linux repo or something which you are working on?

    3> the zhaan package can I install it on the N900? how and were can I do it? I am still a noob at this thing so some docs would be appreciated.

    4> is this still being developed or you have given up on the project.

    You can always reply be here or send it to me by email (email would be better)

    Look forward to hearing from you and thanks for the great work.

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