Where did the last 4 month’s blog posts go?

My web host has seen fit to royally screw me over. See Adam’s take and below, my version of the story.

Dear Sirs/Madams,

Good afternoon! My name is Zachary Goldberg and I have been a
Powweb customer for more than three years. It saddens me today to
write to you to say that after more than three years a situation has
arisen which is causing me great distress. I would like to explain my
current problem and implore you to help me. My main problem is that
all of the data on my powweb account has been

Recently I was contacted by your legal department about "files in
violation of policy". I immediately responded to that email from your
legal team asking the most obvious question "Well, I have a lot of
files, which ones are in violation?". After two or three
via your ticket system I learned that "files beginning with zi*
outside your htdocs folder" were in violation. Well, I had put no
such files there but sure enough there were more than 4,000 files with
seemingly random names beginning with zi outside my htdocs folder. I
promptly logged in with ftp and deleted all of those files. I assumed
that by doing this everything would be alright.

Three days later my friend and co-owner of the account (Adam Shefki,
CC'ed on this email) called me saying "Whats up, the website is down?
Also, can you log into the FTP?". I checked the ftp, I could log in,
but all of the files were missing!

And so, two days later and after many calls to your support department
(mostly with the "Support Supervisor" named Lester) I have received no
reason for why the files were deleted. I spent more than two hours on
the phone with Lester yesterday (Friday, 5/15). By the end of the day
though, Lester had promised the issue was being resolved and our files
would be back by the end of the day. Today I find the following two
response on my open support tickets:


I am writing to you to follow up on the Support Ticket #6004981 . I
had requested you to get back to us with more information on your
issue, but there has been no response from you. I'd like to continue
to assist you with your issue, but unfortunately cannot do so, without
further information. At this point in time, I'm going to resolve your
Support Ticket, temporarily. If you'd like to reopen your ticket, you
can do so from your Support Console at any time.


Archie Scott
Customer Support


Dear Sir/Madam,
Thank you for contacting support.

I regret, it will not be possible to restore the files at this point,
until our business department has looked into this issue. There is
currently an open ticket to them, but the department is closed over
the weekend, so I am not able to assist further at this point. I
apologize for the inconvenience that this may cause.

Thank You,
Jim M.
Technical Support

The first email says they tried to ask for information. I have
received no phone calls or emails or any other communication from
Powweb since I hung up with Lester yesterday. The second email
confuses me even further, Lester had already assured me the issue
would be taken care of! Also, I am very confused as to why the
business department needs to be involved.

I called your support department this evening who informed me that
there is an additional comment in the ticket system which says
something about a "Disk Space Violation" of which I have heard nothing

Please, I implore you to empathize with me. The websites I administer
have been down for more than two days and I am extremely concerned
about being able to recover the data on the servers! Some of the data
would be excruciating
or even impossible to recover. I am not a spammer or a seller of
anything in appropriate, I maintain a simple personal blog for myself
and a hobbyist blog for my friend Adam.
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Please, is there any way you can help us?

A customer begging for some help,
Zachary Goldberg

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