Dear America

Alright, time for some hard truth. We’re in trouble, big trouble. The economy, failing auto industries, our falling position as a world economic power (It’s estimated China’s GDP will surpass the USA by 2015), falling favor in international political circles (Who throws a shoe?).

Uncle Sam has already assigned Billion of the “Bank Bailout” (Which they may not be keeping very close tabs on). However, the auto bailout seems unlikely to happen as of now. I have no qualms with this, the US auto industry put themselves into this predicament and rightfully needs a good bankruptcy to reorganize and figure out how to make a good product.

So while I am comfortable with telling the big 3 to reorganize themselves, I think we have a bigger problem coming up. The US doesn’t make stuff anymore, a fundamental problem if we want to claim ‘energy independence’ or any form of independence for that matter. Especially when it comes to batteries. So it seems we haven’t yet decided to build a big battery plant ourselves. Normally I would agree that the market should be responsible for making a move here but we’ve seen what the US markets tend to do as far as making stuff ourselves. It’s time we got somebody to actually decide ‘Yes, I want to build here, in the US of A, something that will fuel American energy independence.’ And if that means more government (“socialist”) money to kick start it, well for once we would be putting money into our future as opposed to using it as band aides for our past failures.

Speaking of electricity, GM’s Volt seems like lots of smoke and mirrors right now. Today they announced they are shutting down the plant which was set to make the Volt’s engine. Yet somehow they still plan to produce the car. Call me skeptical but a car without an engine, even if its an electrical engine, will not outsell the competition.

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