Bad Ram

I do apologize beforehand if this blog post is a bit less exciting and less intellectual than my previous ones, but everynow and then a guy needs to publically rant.

As you may or may not know, BlueSata is a machine I built myself. I love this computer, I love how its configured and how everything works how I like. Theres almost nothing I would change even if I were to build a new PC now. Its quiet, fast, has tons of storage (and fast storage) etc. Theres one GIANT problem though.

My memory keeps dieing. Not just once or twice mind you. FOUR TIMES.

No, its not being zapped or friend as to indicate its getting bad power. Its one or two bits everytime. And as those of you familiar with how computers work will know, if 1 bit is off in a Stack pointer things go bad quickly.

I’ve gone through the usual culprits, Motherboard has been replaced once (that was an outright failure, props to asus for a quick/clean RMA). CPUs don’t really go bad; Power supply seems fine (nothing else is glitchy, and I doubt a bad PSU would cause a single capacitor in 1 of billions in DRAM to go haywire). The only conclusion, by occam’s razor, is that I’ve just got horrible luck. Two pairs of CORSAIR XMS2 Dominator blah. DDR2-1066 both problems, both RMA’d smoothly (props corsair). Now I’ve got a pair of no good supertalents, which will be RMAd as well. A friend of mine swears by A-Data so I’ve got a pair of those on the way now. *Sigh. If bluesata is down in the next couple days: you know why.

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