Cool Linux Stuff: A Recap

So its been more than a year since I’ve made Gentoo Linux my main operating system of choice (win-xp was previous). Needless to say I am extremely happy with my system now. I would like to share some of the tips and tricks i’ve discovered which have a particularly large ‘wow’ factor for an audience:

Screen is fantastic. A bit of screen -rx magic (perhaps with some Screenie) is not only very useful when SSHing in remotely but it makes a great tool when you want to mess with the guys head who is currently on your box while your sitting across the room on his laptop.

X11Vnc – For similar reasons as why screen -rx is so cool you can have somebody working on your machine while you ssh in, start x11vnc, then (tight)vnc in and again, make some heads spin.

MPD — If you’re on linux and still using a standard music playing application like xmms2 or audacious you should really think about switching to MPD. Its a fantastic little thing because you can bind keys to MPC via your window manager (i use the 3 buttons on the side of my Logitech MX 1000 (RF version, i’m not a fan of bluetooth mice) to control your music, always. 100% of the time. Not when the window is open, but always. Another perk? If your gaming and for some reason your hotkeys no longer work, SSH in via another box and use MPC straight from the command line!

Tint. Tint Is Not Tetris. Because who doesn’t love playing tetris in a virtual terminal?

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