Speaking of prior art…

So, you’re saying that the company that created Betamax, ATRAC encoding, the S-Link protocol, Minidisc players, Super-AudioCDs, Memory Sticks and Universal Media Discs might actually lose a format war?

As much as I love 50 200 GB optical discs (Blu-Ray) gotta admit, thats a damn classy comment.

p.s. Topic is a reference to Vonage’s ongoing legal troubles with Verizon.

In much much more interesting news, scientists have found the first near-earth like planet to date. Its a bit bigger than earth, but is the first planet to be found which has a temperature inbetween water’s freezing and boiling points (0-100C). Its also cool because this thing is so close, 20 Light years. Feasibly we could detect radio waves from them, according to the article. O_o.

Also found this today. Good read about camera phones, especially the N95 :).

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