MPD-UPnP Media Serving!

Just a quick update on the status of MPD-UPnP. The 1 person who watches my github repo will have already noticed my lastest big push: . As of this commit one can start a server from which one can entirely control playback via MPD. Steps 1) and 2) from my previous post are now complete!

Controlling the new MPD server via Zhaan actually works rather pleasantly and bug-free. I am doing most of my work remotely and have Zhaan open via ssh+xorg. My roomates must be freaking out with the music constantly jumping around in my room! I cannot wait to port Zhaan to Maemo 5 and use this from my N900!

2 thoughts on “MPD-UPnP Media Serving!”

  1. Hi Zach,

    Your mpd-upnp looks useful and I was wondering if it is working alright? I’m trying to get it set up in Ubuntu and can’t locate some your dependencies, are these python modules or external packages?


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