Nokia being negligent again…

Alright so its time to get angry. Nokia, in an effort to reach as many consumers as possible, now has (count ’em) four versions of the same phone: the Nokia N95. Now thats all fine and dandy, however the phones have not been getting equal treatment.

All of them are almost the exact same device with extraordinarily small modifications (Different camera lense cover, adding US 3G frequencies etc). Small enough to not even warrant a whole new model number! Just a version bump, from N95-X to N95-X+1 etc.

So given this, can anybody explain why some of the devices have gotten numerous software upgrades? The N95-1 is now at firmware version 21 while my N95-3 is at version 11. That’s two major releases and 10 “numbers.”

Why is this worth complaining about? Because those two updates contain HUGE improvements which vastly increase the utility of the phone. They make the device faster, increase its capabilities (native youtube in the browser), add lots of native application updates (camera), new features (integrated Search 4.0 in the home screen) etc. etc.

So why in the world would Nokia leave all of its N95-3 customers out in the cold? I’m not the only one to complain:

Perhaps we should all just go buy iPhones. Least they get consistent updates.

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