The Rabbit

We started with a car which, honestly, should never again have been driven.  It was sitting in a friend’s driveway for years, covered in all kinds of wildlife, squirrels, black widow spiders, you name it it was in there.  We pushed the car (literally, in the shoulder) 2.3 miles from the driveway to The Shop and began fumigation.  We wrapped the car in painters plastic and bug bombed it.  Three times.  With 200x as much bug bomb per square foot as was recommended.  We then got to work completely stripping the car, adding a roll cage and making it race ready.  On the car’s maiden race day, in March 2014, the car FINISHED a 16 hour endurance race!  Finishing on your first go is *unheard of* in an endurance race of this kind, so serious kudos to the whole team!

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