The Porsche


This is a 1985.5 Porsche 944.  I bought it in 202 for ~$3000 in really, really good condition.  Now the thing with these cars is, even when everything works, everything is broken.  So despite being in amazing shape for 130,000 miles, in order to be reliable when driven in performance situations still more or less everything needed replacing.  Since acquiring the car I have redone virtually everything, from the bottom of the engine block through to the radio.  It’s now reliable, but still stock.  The next step is to do some serious fine tuning to take out some of the roll, stiffen things up and add gripper rubber to take this thing from a fun toy to a formidable race car.  Blog posts to come on that process!

Building the Engine

Putting the motor in

Firing it up for the first time