March 30th, 2010 § 2 comments

So I feel fairly comfortable saying that I have ‘solved’ the problem of using MPD via UPnP at least in a rough slightly-better-than-prototype sense.  I will of course continue to polish MPD-UPnP but I wonder, how can I make Zhaan even more useful?

There is this nifty library called pianobar with this even more nifty python api.  Pianobar is an API to pandora.  I wonder how much effort it would take to wrap pandora in UPnP?

Update I had the following pseudo monolog on IRC with a friend of mine discussing the upnp-pandora idea.  Perhaps there are more upnp wrappers to come:

01:51 < zgold> Wouldn't that be awesome
01:51 < zgold> have one UI and one app on your N900
01:51 < zgold> to control any UPnP device in your house
01:51 < zgold> any MPD device on the house (even on the phone)
01:52 < zgold> and Pandora locally on the phone
01:52 < zgold> now if only the local media player exposed itself as a UPnP
01:52 < zgold> Zhaan would be the universal media UI =P
01:52 < zgold> though
01:52 < zgold> it does have a dbus api
01:52 < zgold> I could build a UPnP MediaRender wrapper around that
01:52 < zgold> *hmmmmm*