Know what your not good at, and don’t do it

January 30th, 2010 Comments Off on Know what your not good at, and don’t do it

So these past couple weeks I have continued to hack with Python+GUPnP via PyGI. I’ve pushed some important patches lately, and have even begun making progress in getting the biggest components of my work upstream (woohoo!. GUPnP-AV, GSSDP have been merged. GUPnP itself is 80% the way there, and PyGI is in review).

So, where do I stand on AutoRemote/Zhaan? Zhaan hasn’t gotten any love lately and is actually using some older code that I have replaced with much nicer libraries inside AutoRemote.

So, most of my time has gone into AutoRemote (what a crappy name). I am at the point where the UI needs to be written. So I wrote some of it. And its REALLY ugly. And HORRIBLE to use. And I did NOT enjoy writing it. I am happy to say I can recognize what is good UI and what is bad UI, but my own skills to design (and implement!) that good UI apparently don’t exist. I think I just proved that P != NP. Awesome.